Plectrum Banjo Instruction

I started to put these plectrum banjo “lessons” together as a way to organize my thoughts about how I might approach online one-on-one instruction that I have been requested by a couple of fans. I have learned from experience that I’m a much less-than-able teacher—I tend to laugh at student mistakes for one thing, and I am sure students do not view this as a desirable quality. Another problem is that I have played banjo for so long that it has become literally second-nature to me so I probably have a difficult time appreciating the hurdles beginners or even more advanced players confront.

The process has been delayed because, being an ex-full-time computer programmer, I just obsessively had to program a way to display chord diagrams (or “shapes”) using this, the WordPress platform. There are quite a few plugins available to display guitar chords, so I picked one and drastically modified and enhanced it to produce both large chord shape diagrams that can be clicked on to hear the chord and small ones to use over an actual musical staff. Here are examples of each:


The sound recordings for the “click playable” chords are somewhat limited right now because it takes a lot of time to record them, so I will create them as needed for each “lesson”.

I am assuming at least you have some rudimentary knowledge of music (staffs, keys, sharps, flats, quarter and other note values, etc.). If you need it, here is a simple but comprehensive page to look at.

I am excited and pleased that this project has finally now launched, and I am hoping to add a lesson every couple of weeks if possible. I welcome (well, sort of) comments and critiques (well, sort of!), so use the included commenting system if you would like. I will moderate comments so don’t bother spamming or flaming!

Here we go!

To The Basics

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